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Turtle is said to be the representative of Lord Vishnu, This seap Kachua is truly having the magical powers of Turning wishes true on Reasonable Ground by Keeping the hand written wish under the Turtle and worshipping on daily bases.

Keeping Brass Turtle at Home or Workplace would result in enhancing the positive AURA around the Environment & removing of NEGATIVITY collectively from all four directions.



This Egyption Crystall Ball Works on the Principal of the Pyramid Originated Centuries Ago in Egypt. In this crystal ball, the Multiple Pyramids are handcrafted with the calculations based on the Pyramids of Egypt.

The pyramid's smooth, angled sides symbolized the rays of the sun and were designed to Remove the VASTU DOSH by hanging this crystal ball on the Window / Enterance Side where the sun rays contact with the crystal ball glorifies the surroundings with its rainbow colours and Delighted Aura.

*This original Egyption ball took 7 Years Research for coming to existence*


Camphor Lamp

This Brass Camphor Lamp Exclusively comes to existence to clear your rooms, homes, offices, shops from all kinds of negative energies pertaining in the environment. Lighting up this lamp will start cleaning the aura of the place & is a very strong and visible way to clean the atmosphere with negativity & removing of Minute bacterial germs around the place.

Direction to Use Camphor Lamp

Always Light up the Lamp with a diya filled with mustard oil at bottom space of the lamp .
Use Raw Kapoor / Camphor at the top available space.
Combination of Water & camphor:- 2/3 water & 1/3 camphor in camphor bowl.
When water gets evaporated ,refill it timely & camphor can be reused.

Material:- Brass , Measurement:- 8.5cm x 8.5cm x 16cm (Apx.)
Note:- Get it to Believe yourself with your eyes the difference .


Divy Gomtichakra Tree

Gomati Chakra Tree is a rare natural product, a form of shell stone Found in the Ocean. Gathering Around 300 Chakras in a tree shape believed to bring luck and is used in spiritual rituals for Possessing Wealth, good health and prosperity. Divy Gomtichakra Tree represents the ancestral cycle and hence denotes long life to the family members with peace. Gomtichakra tree is kept in pooja and worshipped for protection of children from negative rays & showers positive effect on our body which help us to cure many internal diseases and gives us a good health.


Ashtdhatu Pyramid

Pyramid is very popular among students and teachers. It helps sharpen their memory and increase the confidence level as well. One can easily prepare for their exams/ meetings without feeling extra stress and anxiety.

Pyramid provides most effective high- energy Aura for beginners of meditation, it work as an antenna to bring in cosmic energy & Electro- Magnetic Wave from the universe. These are really powerful & should be used with full respect & Dignity.placing pyramids in house/office would deflect negative energy & improve positive energy flow in the environment.


Divy Shwetark Ganesh

This Shwetark ganesh is one of the Magical Statue constitutes by our ancient holy books among all existing Ganesh Sculptures. The shwetark is a rare white wood tree on which Ganesh is embozed on its roots by lot of heavy hard work & dedication. Worshipping this ‘’DIVY SHWETARK GANESH’’ would showers the extreme appreciation, wealth, Health & Prosperity in one’s life.


Divy Horse Shoe / GHODA NAAL

The horseshoe is probably one of the most well-known good luck symbols in the world. It has a long history of being a protective symbol as it preserves the power of Lord SHANI and likewise horseshoe is a very auspicious symbol, a charm used to protect against any form of evil and bring good luck. Hanging horseshoe above your door will protect the home and promote good luck. The Material Iron is a strong metal which withheld fire. This gave a strong resemblance of strength and power.



This Vedic Vaastu Pyramid Mandala is a unique Energy Correction Tool of extraordinary Powers. It is a powerful Multi Purpose Multi Metal Remedy that when Cleansed, Energized and Programmed correctly , works with the principles of Vedic Astrology, Vedic Vaastu Shastra which leads in Improving directional doshas & result in enhancing wealth and prosperity and removing all bad deeds from life.



Natural amethyst healing stone pyramid for reiki healing, crystal healing, numerology, tarot, astrology, vastu, and angle healing and feng shui. Amethyst is the crystal for crown and 3rd eye chakra. Wearing amethyst protects one from all kinds of negative energies. Amethyst is useful in insomnia and nightmares. It is an extremely powerful stone for meditations and meditating with amethyst reduces anger, stress and depression. It is also a stone which can be used for de-addication. Hold amethyst in your hand while meditating to activate the 3rd eye. For students and education amethyst is useful. It is also a crystal to strengthen the immune system. You can carry amethyst in your pocket while going on for court cases, and vastu correction. We feel that crystals can complement other therapies and support energetic well being. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. Inadvertent use of this information will not be our responsibility.



Gomti Chakra Pyramid Protects against entities and EMF (electromagnetic field radiation such as Wi-Fi, TV, Mobile phones etc). Cleans and amplifies your personal energy field and surrounding from negative energy and transforms it into a strong, positive, high and vibrant state.



Black turmeric is used in kali, Mahalakshmi and Durga puja. It is believed that it brings good fortune, health, wealth and prosperity. So it is kept with Gods and Goddess to worship. It is also kept in cash box and wallet. *Black Turmeric is also used to remove Black Magic. It is also used in Vastu to counter and removes the negative forces in the house.



Divy Red chirmi Beads for attaining High Positive energy during Pooja Performing time.



Goddess Mahalakshmi appear first on this earth , Mythology says that she appeared at Shree Mahameru Yantra.Those who install this Chakra at their home, MahaLakshmi will never leave that house. In other words house will become a permanent adode of Lakshmi. It is believed that no other form of shree yantra can be better one than this.

Features and details:-

Shree yantra is regarded as an identical form of Goddess Lakshmi Those persons who are desirous of having wealth should establish this Shree tantra at their home.

Method to use: -

It can be established on Friday in the morning at worship place of home by bathing it by raw milk or panchamrit and install on red cloth.

Use this mantra when it install




KAUWDI is a kind of seeds considered very much beneficial to please goddess Lakshmi. When these seeds are kept at prominent places like workplace, office, pooja place or money box, you are blessed with grace. They are considered very sacred and auspicious. You may place them in your money box, living room, work place or pooja place. It plays a wide role in making the place sacred and auspicious. When you keep it at your accommodation, negative waves go away from you. You are surrounded by the positive waves which keep you safe from the evil eyes.



Ekakshi nariyal normally the coconuts are seen with three dots on their body that is considered as one mouth and two eyes. These are generally coconuts. But the coconuts which are called as EKAKSHI NARIYAL are found with one eye and are very rare. This is very auspicious and prosperous Nariyal.



Coconut is consider to be very auspicious keeping at home. This laghu nariyal is also known as srifal which represents the fruit for Goddess Lakhmi ji and whose worshipping results in overcoming big problems from life, Laghu nariyal is so powerful that it can fill your life with prosperity & wealth.

Keeping this pooja coconut in pooja can remove all the financial obstacles from your life.



• For health problems solution Gorochan is very useful.
• In late marriage and marital disputes, it is very effective
• Cures many diseases.
• For protection from black magic
• Attracting opposite sex.
• Resolving relationship issues.
• For Vashikaran it is very useful.
• In tantric activities to get any desired result gorochan is very beneficial
• Removes love and relationship problems
• Removes Business and finance problem



Vishnu Padha made of good quality copper. Worshiping the feet (otherwise called Bhagavathas) of the Lord is equivalent to worshiping the Lord himself. Vishnu Padha has all the divya ayudhas (weapons) Shri Vishnu holds in his hands and the Lotus, to protect his devotees, hence considered to be auspicious. Sipping / taking the holy water after abhisheka from the Vishnu Padha drives away all the Sins of the past, present and future. Usually during Shraardha, one Pinda is kept at the Vishnu Padha, which marks the successful completion of the Shraardha. Can be kept in Pooja room.



Gomti Chakra Best For All Kind Of Protection Of Everyone From Evil Effects, Increasing Your Spirituality.Natural Gomati Chakra Brings Prosperity In Your Life, Increasing Wealth And Get Happiness from all 4 directions.