Rudraksh Blessings

  • Blessings may be done by the wearer, his Guru or a priest.
  • After bath, with a pure mind and body arrange the items for blessings.
  • Punchgavya – Mix of Cow’s dung, urine , milk , ghee and curd . In absence use Punchamrit which is mix of unboiled milk , honey , sugar, ghee and curd.
  • Water mixed with Ganges water in a achamani pot with Kusha grass for sprinkling and a spoon.
  • 9 leaves of peepal tree arranged on a plate.
  • Plate for offerings to be placed during Puja.
  • Dhoop , Incense sticks.
  • Camphor and lamp.
  • Sandal paste , Aromatic oil.
  • Rice grains mixed with asthagandha.
  • Ghee lamp (one wick).
  • Offerings - Cloth, Flower, Fruit, Betel nut - Pan , Coconut.
  • Sit on an As an facing east.
  • Wash Rudraksha with Punchgavya or Punchamrit.
  • Then wash with water mixed with Ganges water.
  • Place Rudraksha in a plate with 9 leaves of Peepal tree . Place an empty plate in front of this plate for offerings.

Chat 3 times.

“Om Namah Shivaya “
- Sprinkle water over yourself and all items of Puja

"Om Apavitrah Pavitro Va Sarva Vastan Gatopi Va
Yah Smaret Pundari Kaksham Sa Bahya Bhyantarah Shuchih"

(May all things unholy become holy, may all lower tendencies depart, just as soon as we transcend may within and without be purified!)