Sphatik Shree Yantra

Sphatik Shree Yantra is a pyramid of handcrafted that holds radiant white light energy and reflects back rainbows. Classic form of Sphatik Shree Yantra is a ladder of spiritual rise for the seeker. When observes from the center outwards, Shree Yantra symbolizes the Hindu vision of evolution space. It is believed that power of Sphatik Shree Yantra lies in the pointed part of pyramid apex that represents doubled powers of Trinity. More pointed apex represents stronger its powers of healing.Shri Ganesh Statue, Laxmi Statue & Shivling also available in sphatik.

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Parad Shree Yantra

Parad Shree Yantra has the unexplained power to fulfill all our wishes and change our life to a very large extent. Parad Shree Yantra is one of the most gracious,vital and powerful Yantras, which not only gives the benefit for socialization but also proves beneficial for personal attainment of ultimate salvation.

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Brass Meru Shree Yantra

This shree yantra eliminates all the negative power surrounding the environment and in return provides positives vibes and make the surrounding stress free.

People of all beliefs can place the MERU SHREE YANTRA in any place of their homes, offices, hospitals, etc.

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Kuber Yantra

Yantra to bless the worshipper with wealth & prosperity. This yantra is attributed to wealth lord Kuber. This yantra is made in gold, silver or copper, very effective yantra for financial prosperity where all other methods and yantra do not bear fruits. The pooja of this yantra is performed on Dussehra, Dhan trayodsi, Deepawali days also during yogas of Sun, Saturn and Sun, Jupiter. This yantra is kept in house temple, Cash box, almirah and in offices where financial transactions are made. Astroshastra also presents a unique combination of two very auspicious yantras called Kuber yantra and Shree Mahalakshmi Yantra to bless you with immense wealth and prosperity.

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mahalakshmi yantra

Yantra to bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune on the worshipper. Mahalakshmi Yantra is the auspicious yantra for Wealth and comforts in life. Devi Mahalakshmi is seated on blossomed Kamal flower. Mahalakshmi Yantra is placed in cash box, almirah, purse or in temple of your house after worship (pran pratishta). Mahalakshmi Yantra is embossed on copper plate and is 24 carat Gold plated. Mahalakshmi Yantra must be offered puja with cleanliness and full confidence and faith. Mahalakshmi Yantra brings success and wealth through regular puja and mantra chanting. It is believed that mere "Darshan" (sight) of this unique Mahalakshmi Yantra in the morning blesses the person with Wealth. Always keep the blessing of Goddess lakshmi the Goddess of wealth with you, Wear the unique silver pendant made by Astroshastra in silver along with silver Chain.

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shree yantra

Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important and powerful Yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit, but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. It is the source of attaining all worldly desires & fulfilling all wishes through inner cosmic power & mental strength. "Shree Yantra" - Shree meaning wealth and Yantra - Meaning "Instrument" - The Instrument for Wealth the Shree Yantra brings about material and spiritual wealth. Shree Yantra has that unexplained power to fulfill all our wishes and change our life for the better. Shree Yantra is definitely the answer to all the problems and negativity in our life.

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vastudosh nivaran yantra

Yantra to remove Vastu ill-effects from place of work/residence. This is a very useful and beneficial Yantra. It combats all the bad influences & ill-effects of Vastu faults existing in one's home or office. Mostly, there are certain inherent faults about direction, location, situation of a building, situation of rooms etc, which may not be easily curable or rectifiable. The Vastu Yantra not only helps to cure all inherent Vastu faults and remove their ill-effects, but also generates the positive & benefic effects of Vastu. This Yantra should be either be buried under the ground before or after construction, with due rituals, or installed at the 'Puja' room, and worshipped.

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vyapar vriddhi yantra

Vayaparvridhi yantra is for Success in Business. This yantra is taken from "Sunderhy Lehri" and is carved on copper plate with Beej mantras. Vayaparvridhi yantra is 24 carat Gold plated. Vayaparvridhi yantra is recommended for every person who has his office or a shop or a showroom to keep the Vayaparvridhi yantra at his place and see the difference. Vayaparvridhi yantra is fixed at the place of business and is used to increase sale in business or when the business of any body is under check by opponents, the yantra acts as antidote and sale and business improves a lot. Vayaparvridhi yantra bestows wealth and happiness. The yantra has been tested at many places successfully. The persons who are out of employment or wants upgrading in their service or increase in the business must use Vayaparvridhi yantra.

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