Founder's Profile

Mr. Prakash Chand Agarwal is the founder of Himalaya Rudraksha Anusandhan Kendra (HRAK) situated at Dev Bhoomi Haridwar. He is working dedicately on Rudraksh , gemstones and other pooja goods since 1970 and has setup his business in Haridwar named ‘’RATNA DEEP EMPORIUM’’ incorporated in 1980 in Haridwar (Thanda Kuwan , Moti bazar). As he is not the only person who have his interest in Rudraksh but inherent from his Father ‘’Lt. Mr. B. B. L. Agarwal’’ who already indulge in this since very long.

For gaining perfect knowledge and facts about Rudrakshas, Mr. Prakash visited to all the places where Rudraksh plantation exist such as Nepal, Indonesia and many more places including south India. since many years he is spreading knowledge about Rudraksh to people and making them aware of the myths and other cheatings prevailing in the market. His mission is to educate the people about right selection of Rudrakshas as per their uses as well as on their authenticity. He always believes in serving customers with minimizing their problems and providing valuable suggestions.

As the need of Global reaching makes him to transform his offline business to online platform where he would be able to serve the society to great extent, as a result he launched an online platform in yr. 2000 named ‘’HIMALAYA RUDRAKSHA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA’’.

Today, Mr. Prakash having his offline shop ‘’RATNA DEEP EMPORIUM’’ in Haridwar (Thanda Kuwan , Moti bazar). With his Regional office in Haridwar (opp. Prem Nagar Ashram,2nd floor) for serving online consumers successfully reaching to large consumer group across the globe and benefit them with his suggestions & consultations.

He published a book on Rudraksh, Gemstones and other pooja goods in 1999, and written various articles on Rudrakshas which got the coverage of print media - newspaper with his motive of spreading knowledge to the consumers and making them aware of the myths and other falsefully reflected information regarding Rudrakshas .

He has led ‘’HIMALAYA RUDRAKSHA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA’’ strategic thrust to create multiple drivers of growth that would make a significant and growing contribution to the Rudrakshas & Gemstones Trade.

He also shaped and implemented a Strategy of Organisation to effectively manage multiple businesses whilst retaining focus on each one of them, in the process deriving unique sources of competitive advantage from ‘’HIMALAYA RUDRAKSHA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA’’ diversity.

Mr. Prakash has also championed the cause for Sustainability world-wide bringing into focus the need to Rudrakshas & Gemstones that not only enhance customers value but add significantly to their development .

Today , ‘’HIMALAYA RUDRAKSHA ANUSANDHAN KENDRA’’ is a global exemplar in sustainability and in the world of comparable dimensions of being a spreading knowledge and supplier for Rudraksh , Gemstones & other pooja Goods.

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